Adventures with the Fujifilm X-T20 - Parkinson's HB Sanctuary Charity Walk

On March 3rd I took part in the Parkinson's HB Sanctuary Charity Walk. According to my GPS, it was a leisurely 16.6km, taking in the amazing views of Cape Sanctuary. An awesome walk, in an equally awesome location!  Huge thanks to everyone involved, in particular to Andy Lowe for opening up the Sanctuary for this event, Kathy Jenkins and her team for organising, and lastly to all the volunteers involved.

Cape Sanctuary is the largest privately owned and funded wildlife restoration project of its kind in New Zealand. The sanctuary is situated on three properties on the Cape Kidnappers peninsula; Cape Kidnappers Station which is owned by Julian Robertson, part of Haupouri Station owned by the Hansen family and Ocean Beach Wilderness Property owned by Andy Lowe. The Sanctuary encompasses 2,500 hectares of multi-use land at the tip of the Cape Kidnappers Peninsula and is bounded by a 10.6 kilometre stainless-steel predator-proof fence.

I first did this event 2 years ago, and at that time I just took my iPhone with me to capture a few snaps.  I would have taken one of my DSLR's but didn't want to be weighed down with gear, so this year decided to take my Fujifilm X-T20 mirrorless camera with an 18-55mm lens with me.  This is a great choice of camera system of this type of thing.  It's small, lightweight, takes great quality images, and doesn't break the bank. That's not to say it's a cheap camera though, at the time of purchasing, the body and lens cost around $2500.  As a self-confessed photography nut, it's a small price to pay!