Why Making a Visual Impact is Important for your Business

When it comes to websites, social media or for within printed material, a picture really does tell a thousand words.  I'm not talking about those phone snaps which we all take, but great quality, well-shot, well-edited professional images which really 'speak' to your audience.

So, why is it so important?  

Rockit Apples Marketing Images

Rockit Apples Marketing Images

Gets You Noticed

Let's face it, getting your brand noticed in the first place is what it's all about.  We spend a lot of time in front of a screen looking at Social Media or Websites these days.  As a business, if you're not online, you're missing a huge opportunity and not reaching those customers who are... Which is pretty much everyone!

So, what can you do about it?  It's not just about having a flash looking, custom designed website, or registering for every Social Media channel out there.  It's about content!  Content doesn't just mean well-written copy which is optimised for SEO either, it's also critical to have eye-catching imagery, hopefully, shot by SCP!

Be Memorable

Did you know that the average human brain processes and remembers images for more easily than what it remembers words or numbers?  How many times have you bumped into someone from your past, you can remember their face, and the 'party' you met at, but can't for the life of you remember their name?

The same principle is true with photographic imagery, you can easily remember the image and the memory/message it conveys, but the words alongside it often get lost in the inner depths of your brain.  By having great online and printed imagery, you are winning the memory battle!

On a slightly different note, I use Social Media on a daily basis.  Either for personal, or business use, there's no doubt about it, I'm a little bit addicted. When I post to my Social Media streams my intention isn't just to collect Facebook 'Likes' or 'Shares', or Instagram and Twitter 'Hearts', it's to get my brand and my name back out there, onto the screens and into the faces of my clients and followers; become front of mind again. 

You never know when someone might need a Photographer, or know of someone else who does, so being memorable and front of mind is a big thing.  This tactic isn't as effective if the images you're posting online aren't very good though.

Rockit Apples Marketing Images

Rockit Apples Marketing Images

Convey Your Message

If you're anything like me, conveying your message and getting your point across in writing is not your greatest talent.  I am not a writer (as you may have guessed already), so conveying your message and sparking an emotion or two through imagery is a sure-fire way of getting your message across.  

Be Consistent

By being consistent with your visual online and printed content you are demonstrating to your followers, clients and anyone interested in your products or services that you are trustworthy and professional in your approach.  Consistency helps build memorability for your business.

How Can I Improve my own Visual Impact?

Here at SCP we help many clients with photography for their online and printed marketing needs.  Be it a full suite of images for a shiny new website, a library of images which you can use for your Social Media posts or images for your next printed collateral, we are here to help!  

If you're interested in hearing more about how SCP can help, drop us a line using the link below or give Simon a call on 021 0824 6455.

Rockit Apples Marketing Images

Rockit Apples Marketing Images