Air New Zealand Wine Awards 2017

Great fun shooting the stills at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards at the end of November last year.  We shot stills of the awards being received, winners in front of the sponsors' wall, table settings, food and guests networking and having fun; all-in, around 7hrs behind the camera. There were around 600 guests at the event, the organisers, caterers and everyone else who was involved did a great job!

After the event, some cool feedback was received from the event organisers at NZ Winegrowers; "Thanks so much for all your hard work on Saturday! Our comms assistant mentioned how we had never had such great winner photos!" 

As is the norm with events like this, getting images out to the press, social media and elsewhere is very time critical. Straight after the event had finished it was time to edit and supply a set of winner images, this was done at the venue to save time and make sure we hit those deadlines.


Here is a short video which popped up on my Facebook timeline recently, see if you can spot Mr Baldie doing his thing with the camera...  Should be noted that SCP did not shoot this video.