Cape Kidnappers / Te Kauwae-a-Māui

On Saturday morning I was up at the Cape Kidnappers plateau Gannet colony for a sunrise shoot…

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Little Green Bus... On the Lindis Pass...

Continuing on our trip around the South Island in April, here's one of my last images from the trip. I still have more from earlier in the trip, but as of yet haven't got round to sorting and processing them.

This image was shot from a layby at the summit of Lindis Pass on our way back to Christchurch.  A vastly different landscape to the temperate rainforest of Millford Sound and the surrounding area where we stayed only a few days prior.  This landscape had a very Martian feel!

Lindis Pass

The Monday Blues...

Here's another image from our recent trip to the South Island, this time one from Lake Matheson which is located just outside Fox on the west coast.

Lake Matheson is famous for its early morning lake reflections. Within about 30mins of me shooting this (and many more images), ripples started to form on the surface and totally destroyed the reflection. A magical place, but you do get a lot of tourists there with the same idea in mind!

The snow covered mountains you can see on the right of the frame form part of the Southern Alps - Horokoau/Mt Tasman (left) and Aoraki/Mt Cook (right). Mt Tasman is NZ's second highest mountain at 3497m, and Mt Cook is in first place at 3724m.

Lake Matheson

Hawkes Bay's Winter Blast

Last weekend saw a major southerly winter blast hit NZ.  The central north island seemed to take the brunt of the storm with a good dumping of snow bringing down powerlines and leaving large parts of the region without power.  Unison did a fantastic job of quickly repairing the damage, so a big shout-out to the guys who got to experience the full force of the storm.  

On Monday, I took a drive over to Puketitiri with another photography mate of mine and took a few snaps.  Hawkes Bay certainly looks different when it's covered in snow!

The last image in the slideshow below shows the SCP Toyota Hilux shortly after being dug out of the snow.... Got a little stuck while trying to turn around on a snowy/icy farm track.  Wrong tyres for the conditions and no snow chains made it fun once the going got tough.  Thanks to the friendly farmers who helped me dig it out of the snow!

A Trip up Te Mata Peak

Yesterday afternoon I took a drive up Te Mata Peak after I'd finished shooting some images at Hereworth School.

The weather was on the turn, and as as typical for this time of year there were controlled burn-off's from local agri-businesses dotted here-and-there which certainly adds to the 'atmosphere'.

Here are a couple of shots, one looking at Mt Kahuranaki (bottom) and the other looking towards the ranges (top).


The drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound (SH94) has many beautiful places to pull over to the side of the road to admire the scenery. This was one of those places...

The Eglinton Valley is the home of the Eglinton River (not surprisingly) which flows for a distance of 50km from Lake Gunn to Lake Te Anau which is the largest lake in Australasia by volume. By surface area it is the second largest lake in NZ, with Lake Taupo being the largest.

The mountains on the left of the frame lead up to Mount Eglinton (1854m above sea level), a vertical climb of around 1500m from where this image was taken.

Stingray Bay

Last weekend Andrew Caldwell and I took a stroll (and when I say stroll, I actually mean a death defying, rock scrambling, 30 minute hike in the pitch black) to Stingray Bay and Flat Rock, Tangoio.

Access is gained along a very eroded coastal path from Tangoio Beach, just to the north of Napier.  This is a beautiful part of the Hawkes Bay coastline, and I intend to make the trip sometime in the future with a fishing rod also!