Hawkes Bay's Winter Blast

Last weekend saw a major southerly winter blast hit NZ.  The central north island seemed to take the brunt of the storm with a good dumping of snow bringing down powerlines and leaving large parts of the region without power.  Unison did a fantastic job of quickly repairing the damage, so a big shout-out to the guys who got to experience the full force of the storm.  

On Monday, I took a drive over to Puketitiri with another photography mate of mine and took a few snaps.  Hawkes Bay certainly looks different when it's covered in snow!

The last image in the slideshow below shows the SCP Toyota Hilux shortly after being dug out of the snow.... Got a little stuck while trying to turn around on a snowy/icy farm track.  Wrong tyres for the conditions and no snow chains made it fun once the going got tough.  Thanks to the friendly farmers who helped me dig it out of the snow!