Super Blue Blood Moon over the Gilray Fountain Statue, Napier

Thursday morning was nothing short of WOW for me! I went to bed just before 11pm on Wednesday night after setting the alarm for 1am the following morning, expecting to wake to the same light cloudy sky that I saw as I went to bed.

When I woke and looked outside, the cloud was patchy so I thought let's do it, all I needed was a gap in the clouds!  After doing a little research using Photopills the day before the eclipse, I had a couple of locations in mind so headed for the first one on my list... The Gilray Fountain (Spirit of Napier) statue on Marine Parade in Napier.

For these images, I wanted to have both the foreground statue and moon in sharp focus. Modern cameras and lenses aren't quite as clever (yet) as the human eye, so to achieve this I had to do a little jiggery-pokery in Photoshop and combine two shots per final image - a sharp shot of the statue, and then a sharp shot of the moon. All done without moving the camera and as quickly as possible (literally a few seconds) between each shot to maintain genuine feel and moon position.

I edited and posted these images on Social Media from the comfort of my car; while I was out at stupid-o'clock, I thought I may as well stay out and shoot sunrise too!  Stay tuned for those pics!

All images Copyright 2018 Simon Cartwright Photography Ltd.