Sunset at Tuapirau Point, Bay of Plenty

Over the last few days, we've been away at our semi-regular bolt-hole in the Bay of Plenty NZ.

Last night I posted a quick snapshot while I was awaiting sunset from a nice little spot, Tuapirau Point which we found while out exploring more of the local area yesterday afternoon. Tuapirau Point, is about 40mins north of Tauranga, heading towards Auckland.

The evening before last I'd seen the suns rays streaking through the clouds over the Kaimai Ranges, so was again hoping the cloud would perform in a similar way and let the sun's last rays poke through the gaps. 

Sadly, this sunset wasn't quite what I'd hoped for (still very nice though!), so will go back onto the list of places to re-visit.

View towards Kaimai Ranges from Tuapirau Point, Bay of Plenty