Iona College IRC - Interior Photography

Here are a few of the images which I recently shot at the new IRC/Library at Iona College, Havelock North for MCL Construction Ltd's new website and for other marketing collateral.

MCL did the the joinery in this building, a jaw dropping moment when I first stepped inside. Definitely got the photography tastebuds tingling!  The students at Iona are certainly very lucky to have such a cool facility as this to use!

Hastings District Court House

I've been intending on photographing the Hastings District Court House ever since we moved to Hawkes Bay 5 years ago. Just one of those places I never quite made it to despite living not too far away.

For me, it's one of the most visually striking buildings in Hawkes Bay. When shot at the right time of day (like most things) it just comes alive. The best time to shoot this building is shortly after the sun has set and the sky is gradually turning to what photographers call 'blue hour'.

It may be called 'blue hour', but this time normally lasts alot longer than an hour. Modern cameras are capable of shooting well after the sun goes down and still capture a great deal of colour and detail, even in the darkest parts of an image.

It's important to retain as much detail as possible in the dark/shadow areas of an image. In this case, for me it was important to retain some detail under the parts of the building which 'jut' out. If these areas were underexposed, then they would have just turned to black and detracted from the image.

Hastings District Court House